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The Sailor Moon Hentai Home Page!

Welcome one and all to the home page of Sailor Moon Hentai! The authors, Carlos Vincent (me) and Sailor Pleasure now have a page and are all ready--freddy! Anyway, please come again and thanks for visiting!

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A Sailor Moon Romance; Hentai Section
This site is owned by Andrea and Artemis! You can find our stories up there too!
The Gateway Of Anime
This is Sailor Pleasure's OWN page! Visit it, seeing as how this page is more mine than hers!
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Sailor Moon Hentai & Crystal!

Sailor Moon Hentai; All Parts and Info Pages
This is the main page on A Sailor Moon Romance that gives you the choice of reading what SMHentai part you want! A revised version of the info pages is coming soon! ^^;
Sailormoon Crystal; All Parts and Info Pages
This is my *OWN* page, thanks to the help of Netscape, Angelfire, and Tripod. This takes place in the future, Crystal Tokyo, many years after SMHentai. Enjoy! ^_~